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The Enigma Behind Berkesah

Carmelita Binka 

Is the powerhouse of the duo. A dog person first and everything else after that. She reads your mind and intention miles away from you. She helps you structurize your mind through her explorative method in coaching and consulting. She indulges herself in philosophies and other forms of conundrums.

Madha Ramadhan

Is the calm and collected one of the duo. An avid basketball and football follower. He listens to your story with a warm gesture and invites you to his realm of comfort. He is your go-to guy for self-help, discovering self, and getting your organization to get work done. He studies stoicism, or at least that's how he likes to think.  

What we do

Consulting Services

Berkesah consulting services range from corporate talent needs to marketing strategies. Enabling corporations and organizations alike to become more relevant in todays era.

Training Services

Berkesah helps students and other learning organizations to upgrade its skills and knowledge in certain aspect such as leadership, project management, and career preparations.

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Coaching Services

Berkesah coaches are ICF accredited, ensuring impactful and true coaching experience from start to finish. Berkesah offers both life and business-related coaching for individual and organizations. 

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