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Our client-first approach means that we are always passionate about who we work with. We want to ensure deep understanding of our clients and regard our clients as working partner that synergize with us to create value. Discover our case studies below.

This is Cattie,

Cattie is a fresh graduate who is choosing between continuing her parent's business or pursuing a career in her dream job. Both options have their own pros and cons and she is in a dilemma over what to prioritize; living her dream or rekindling a legacy. Cattie is under no illusion that all options will have huge consequence over her life. She went to Berkesah to help her weight her options and chose to do a 2-hour coaching session. During the session, she discovered that having a partner to really dissect her mind ease her into making a decision and she is now able to create a framework for herself for future decision-making process

Since 2020, we are proud to have worked with clients ranging from personal, groups, businesses from various industries, and educational institutions from Indonesia and abroad.

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